Every day we're asked, "What is the heart of kindness?" Let me start by saying that it's a curriculum - a curriculum to build community, boost self-esteem and promote kindness. It's done through fun and engaging games, like URSpecialTree and Let's go to school! There are also great videos featuring activities, books, and more on our Youtube channel. Check us out here at We're the Heart of Kindness and explore all that we have to offer. Have fun!

Fun Games! What's the heart of kindness anyway? Engaging Activities!

Introducing a social media/game that promotes kindness, boosts self esteem and builds community. Play with friends, classmates & family!

Let's Go to School!
An interactive game that will excite and help ease your child through school separation.

Kindness counts!

Watch and find out!

Foolproof Separation Activity
This foolproof easy activity will connect parent and child when you can’t be together. Great for the beginning of the school year, after a break or any other time!

Spread Kindness: Give a lift with lemonade
Another great activity to spread kindness!

Spread Kindness: Pick-me-up stickers
This fun activity shows you what you can do to light up someone’s day!
Captivating Books!

Mommy Always Comes Back
Read by the author! This charming picture book will make school separation a breeze.

Good Deeds Diary
Celebrate kindness! Keep a daily diary by writing about the kind acts that you and others are doing. We’ll show you how.

Ready to play? Go to URSpecialTree and start sending & receiving kind notes!
  Play Let's Go to School!
Want to read the books? Go to mommyalwayscomesback for a book preview or to read reviews
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  Download the PDF and start recording kindness in your Good Deeds Diary!
Looking for parents' resources? Go to mommyalwayscomesback for separation articles

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