From successful socialization to high self-esteem to academic achievement, empathy, kindness and caring help every child realize their full potential. A significant body of research confirms that "social and emotional learning programs significantly improve students' academic performance" (Shriver & Weissberg, 2005). Importantly, practicing positive peer to peer interaction provides tools to help navigate the social sphere and discourage bullying even before it starts.

Veteran teacher, children's book author, & creator of We're the Heart of Kindness Penny Schnee-Bosch shares her successful method featuring URSpecialTree, a free and engaging social media/game introduced at school and played at home or in the classroom that promotes kindness, bolsters self-esteem and builds community.

Taught in just one period and kids run with it! Learn how to use it in the classroom with our brief instructional video below.

Build Positive Bonds
Among Students
Kindness & Empathy > Emotional Intelligence > Academic Achievement

Using URSpecialtree

Especially for teachers! A brief video on how to use our free social media/game that promotes kindness, boosts self esteem and builds community. One session & kids run with it!

Want to do more? Be creative!

+ Encourage your students to use URSpecialTree throughout the year and before breaks to keep social connections alive

+ Make your students day by sending them a message from time to time
+ Create a class tree and have your students design pictures and tag on their own kind messages
+ URSpecialTree is a great catalyst for discussions about kindness, compassion & community

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